Newsletter Collegium Paulinum

House of Priestly Formation of the Spiritual Family The Work (I/ 2017)

Dear friends and benefactors,

Within the last few months I have been given thè task of leading the Priests’ Community of The Work. Fr. Peter Willi has been carrying this responsibility for thirty years. I am very grateful for the total dedication and fidelity with which he fulfilled this ministry in the Service of the community.

On this occasion, I would like to thank you most sincerely for your faithfulness, for your prayer, and for the generosity with which you support our priestly formation. Formation to the priesthood remains one of the most important services in the Church, for without priests the Sacramente would dry up, and the proclamation of the Gospel would cease. At the same time, I ask you to continue praying for priestly vocations. The young people whom God calls to his service need our help, and especially our prayer, that comes from a heart of faith.

During the last months two of our confrères, Frater Robin Moens (Belgium) and Frater Marton Héray (Hungary), consecrated their lives to the Lord Jesus in the Holy Covenant in Virginal Love, and promised celibacy. Another confrère, Deacon Johannes Reiber (Germany), will be ordained a priest at the end of June. We have much gratitude and joy for these commitments, and we give praise and glory to the good and faithful God.

Wishing you joy and growth in faith, I promise you my remembrance in the daily offering of the Holy Mass and in my prayers.

With kind regards,
Fr. Thomas F. FSO International Superior


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Eucharistic Adoration in the chapel of the 'Collegium Paulinum'