The Spiritual Family The Work
Thalbach Monastery

The most beautiful of all women

The mystery play "The most beautiful of all women" was premiered on 7th August 2021 in the courtyard of the Thalbach Monastery. Seven young women from Austria, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland slipped into their roles with skill and dedication and transported the audience into the Heart of Mary.

The story

Two teenagers, Lena and Schulamith, who share disappointments and sorrows in the ups and downs of life, have come to know Mary's heart better through praying the rosary. When an angel leads Schulamith directly into the heart of Mary, she is amazed at the beauty she discovers in this heart. New dimensions of love open up for her. In the course of the mystery play, Lena and Schulamith understand that love knows no fear of sacrifice and that it spreads peace, security and joy at the same time. These dimensions are taken from Mother Julia Verhaeghe's prayer to Mary, Seat of Wisdom.

Theatre for a mum in need

Not only the story ends with a happy ending. The association Plattform für das Leben Vorarlberg is also pleased to receive a donation. This money can now be used to help a young mother who has decided to have her child despite her financial emergency.

Talents in the monastery

The picturesque inner courtyard of Thalbach Monastery is perfectly suited for artistic performances. It became the backdrop for the mystery play, which was entirely composed and arranged by members of The Spiritual Family The Work under the direction of Sr Daniela Klement. The livestream is available on the YouTube Kanal Das Werk