Die geistliche Familie "Das Werk"
Merkelbeek, Niederlande

Holy Covenant of Sr. Ellen Custers

On the 26th of March 2022 Sister Ellen Custers entered into the Holy Covenant with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The solemn liturgy took place in her home country, The Netherlands. Bishop Hans van den Hende presided over the celebration.

„I want to be an instrument of the joy of Jesus“ - these are the words written by Mother Julia Verhaeghe (1910 – 1997) which Sister Ellen chose as a motto for her consecrated life. On the day of her Holy Covenant this joy could clearly be felt. Amidst the rays of spring sunshine, in a magnificently decorated church, accompanied by moving sacred music Sister Ellen pronounced her „yes“ to the Lord's calling.

Bishop Hans van den Hende, the Bishop of Rotterdam and the President of the Episcopal Conference of the Netherlands, celebrated the service in the parish church of Merkelbeek, which was occupied to the last seat. In his homily he explained that consecrated life is an evolution of the grace of baptism.

Sister Ellen received a white choir robe and a ring as outward signs of being chosen by Jesus Christ to be his bride. These were given to her by Mother Margaret Binder FSO, the Superior General of the Sisters' Community of The Work. Especially moving was when once dressed in the choir robe, she entered the church with an oil lamp lit in her hands. The parable of the gospel of the five wise and the five foolish virgins came alive. (Mt 25: 1-13)

After the solemn liturgy there was a joyful gathering of all the particpants. The brass band and the traditional guards of the village contributed to the festive atmosphere.

Father Peter Willi FSO, who was present, made this remark: „Today the Church could truly be experienced as the Family of God. He who follows Christ receives the gifts of joy and peace and is enabled to transmit these precious gifts to others.“

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