Consecrated Life as an Imitation of Jesus

Consecrated Life as an Imitation of Jesus

In every age Jesus invites people to leave everything and to follow him (cf. Mt 19:21).  This loving invitation is a completely undeserved gift. Jesus himself awakens in the hearts of those He calls the inner longing to belong solely to him and to live as He lived: chaste, poor and obedient. As He did with the apostles, He chooses without asking and waits for the individual’s readiness to embark on the great adventure with Him.

This invitation of the Lord has also touched our hearts. We answered with a personal and freely given Yes. Our consecration to God is realised in a “Holy Covenant with the Sacred Heart of Jesus”. This bond of love with the Lord contains the promise of virginal love, evangelical poverty and loving obedience of faith (called the “three evangelical counsels”). We live this form of imitating Christ in a spiritual family. It is a life according to the gospel.


Formation and Affiliation to the Community

Formation and Affiliation constitute a way which covers all aspects of human life, life in community, and of service to our neighbour. After a period of introduction the noviciate follows and lasts for several years. During the noviciate the novice receives the white choir robe which is worn for the liturgy on Sun- and Feastdays. It is an outward sign of a life totally dedicated to God. The noviciate concludes with the “Holy Covenant in the Three Evangelical Counsels”.
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»Love is, of its very nature, giving, it is dedication. «
Mother Julia