Prayer for Vocations

Sea of Gallilee

God and Father,

We thank you for all the priests and consecrated men and women who helped to build up Holy Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, throughout the centuries.

We thank you for all the vocations who bear witness to the strength and beauty of your Church and who serve you joyfully and faithfully, even in our troubled times.

Filled with confidence we pray: increase again in our days the number of holy priests and consecrated Brothers and Sisters who are willing to commit their whole lives to the service of your Kingdom.

Accompany all the young people, who have heard your call and grant them helpers who give them good example and clearly point out the way to them.

Protect all those who have given their ‘Yes’ to your call. Keep them faithful and holy in their virginal love. We entrust to you especially all those who prepare themselves for the consecrated life. May they see in Our Lady the ideal of their vocation and strive to imitate her, uniting themselves ever more deeply with your Son. Amen.


The Spiritual Family The Work

»Do not be afraid of living according to the spirit of Christ and of bearing witness to His Holy Name.«
Mother Julia